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Ventev 10W Qi Fast Wireless Charging Pad With UK Charger – Grey

Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £34.99.
Enjoy the cable-free convenience of fast wireless charging with this thin & compact charger W/ UK plug & cable from Ventev. Offering up to 10W, this stunning, grey pad has been designed to be compatible with Qi wireless charging enabled devices.


This wireless charger stands out due to it’s stunning, grey design! Have something different with Ventev.

10W fast wireless charger allows for up to 30% faster charging rate

Enjoy fast wireless charging speeds with the Ventev Wireless Charging Pad. When paired with a fast charging mains charger, this slim charging pad will produce up to 10W for Samsung and 7.5w for Apple devices to ensure your smartphone is being charged at it’s optimum charging speed. This allows your device to charge up to 30% faster compared to standard wireless charging.

Wireless charging on the go for Qi compatible devices

With the Ventev Fast Wireless Charger, you can enjoy the benefits of wireless charging anywhere you go. Simply place your wireless charging compatible smartphone or device on the base and watch as the battery charges. The wireless charging process utilises induction coils to send an electrical current from the charging pad to your phone, eliminating the need for power to travel along wires.

5ft USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable & UK Plug

This comes with a 5 foot power cable, meaning that the cable can reach across your room easily and be tucked into the side, but easily reach to where you need the wireless charger – whether that’s next to you on the couch, at your desk at work or by your bed! This is even better for if you’re at a hotel as hotels never have plugs near the bed, so with this cable, you can easily wirelessly charge your device next to your bed, with the cable simply and safely reaching across from the closest, included, plug!

Ultra slim & lightweight

Constructed from high quality materials, the Ventev Fast Wireless Charging Pad has been designed to be durable yet ultra slim and lightweight, making it perfect for any environment, including your home and office.

Non-Slip Design

Incorporated into the base of the charging pad are four rubber feet to ensure it does not slide off flat surfaces, while the rubber details on top of the base have been designed to stop your smartphone from scratching. Additionally they stop your phone from slipping off during charging.

Compatible with all wireless charging enabled smartphones

Any smartphone which has wireless charging technology can utilise this pad’s charging capabilities including iOS and Android smartphones.

Please note: if your device doesn’t have wireless charging capability (such as the Samsung A range), you can use an adapter to allow wireless charging to work on your device!


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