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3 Chapel St, Precinct, Bromsgrove B60 2BW

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How long do online/postal repairs take?

Once your device has arrived @Phoneclub.shop, your fixed device will be returned back to you within 2-5 working days. In some cases repairs may take longer but all communication will be made via our business WhatsApp or Email our online repairs are covered free insured return postage from Phoneclub.shop

How long do in-store repairs take?

Standard device repairs can be done in under an hour, but more complex fixes can take longer, but with over 20 years of experience we will have a solution to your problem, having some of the best technicians Britain has to offer.

Do I need to book an in-store appointment?

No, our stores offer a walk-in service, so there is no need to book an appointment in advance if you are looking for mail order repair contact us first.

Does my device come with a warranty?

Yes, all work carried out by Phone club is assured with a 30 day peace of mind 30 day warranty period but please be aware that, just like most other third-party repair services, this could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

What happens if you can’t repair my device?

In the unlikely event our expert technicians are unable to fix your device, but if that is the case you won’t be charged for the repair service but still will see what solutions can be offered to resolve your problems of the device.

Why do you need my device pass code?

The device pass code is required for testing the device before and after the repair, to make sure we’ve done the job properly! This simply involves testing the device, and at no time will your personal data be accessed.

Where do I send my device for repair?

When booking your repair online, you’ll need to package up your device with a printout of your order confirmation. Please send your device to the following address: (Company address after going through the email steps) Phone Club, 3 Chapel St, Precinct, Bromsgrove, B60 2BW 01527 579104, Info@phoneclub.shop

What should I do before sending my device?

We always recommend backing up your device and then restoring it to factory settings (if you can’t share the pass code) before sending it for repair. This is an essential requirement for most devices from most places we will always try saving your data as we know sentimental value to lost information can be painful. But still recommend removing all Sim cards & Memory cards as we will not be liable your phone must be as described by you prior to sending

Can I still get support after the repair is completed?

Yes, of course! Your part of the club now queries following your repair still welcome at Phone Club. Website: Email: Shop No# https://www.phoneclub.shop Info@phoneclub.shop 01527 579 104 Face book: https://www.facebook.com/phoneclub.shop Insta: https://www.instagram.com/phoneclub.shop/
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